According to the records in Westerden, part of the fallout of the Old War was a near-extinction level event of Dragons. While each species used to be well-represented across the continent, only five great wyrms remain in Theuerne:

Dulanth, male Gold ruler of Drakevale
Norruth, female Blue tyrant of the Salt Flats
Kuriksthyr, male Green recluse
Tessith, the Rabbit Slayer, female Copper, the eldest living dragon
Hudraer, male Silver, whereabouts unknown

These five make up the Council of Wyrms.

There are merely dozens of younger dragons known, and most of those do not live in the region. These are apparently not a matter of public record, nor do they seem to hold as much political sway as might be expected. In fact, the general information available about dragons is notably lacking.

It is noted that most of the activity happens in Drakevale, where Dulanth and Norruth seem to be constantly squabbling over something. Many of the inhabitants of Drakevale are also of a race of dragon-like humanoids, the Dragonborn.


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