Ancient Copper Dragon


Tessith has lived for over a thousand years, and it is said she is nearly the only being living with memories of Before. While Dulanth is typically considered the ‘leader’ of the dragons, Tessith is accorded the most respect. Despite this, she has been uninvolved in the world for centuries, and mostly keeps to herself amongst the unnatural hills of the Warwound.

She’s well known for her hoard of riddles, impressive even for a copper dragon. Those who have called on her in recent times have found it nearly impossible to speak to her about anything but. Most of these folks also say that they fear Tessith is entering her Twilight, and are all the more frustrated that one of the few primary sources from Before is reticent to actually give much of an account of that time.

In her youth, Tessith was a force to be reckoned with. She was a diplomat, performing much the same role Dulanth currently takes, soothing tensions between factions with casual wit and deep wisdom. It is said she was friends with Norruth, curbing the vain Blue’s usually violent tendencies, and that she drove Kuriksthyr into his retirement. Where Dulanth rules with a steady, unflinching devotion to law, Tessith interceded and drew concessions from both sides with good humor.



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