Ancient Blue Dragon


As one of the three eldest dragons in Theuerne, Norruth considers herself the top of the pack. Tessith and Kuriksthyr have all but removed themselves from the world, and Norruth makes it known loudly and publicly that she should be the most respected and feared being in the Hegemony, not Dulanth, the weak and unsightly worm who bows to lower creatures.

She rules over the Salt Flats with an iron fist, interdicting all trade or incursions into her land either personally or with her army of insectoid thri-keen. She is also routinely suspected in situations where merchant wagons and riverboats disappear near her territory, which she either denies as outrageous or claims to be her rightful territory depending on the region, her mood, and how long it’s been since she visited Rynithac.

Norruth believes that all beings should bow to her, and detests the Dragonborn of the Drakevale, who mostly support Dulanth, and bears a seething hatred toward all of the races of Mankind, believing them to be the lowest rank of sentients, even below orcs. She is vocal in her support for slavery and oppression of their kind.



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