Hudraer, Granter of Life


Hudraer is the youngest Great Wyrm and considered the most virile dragon in Theuerne. He earned his title, Granter of Life, due to the prolific production of young he and his mate had. In his younger years, he was known to keep the Hordelands safe and peaceful, working with Dulanth to secure routes of trade and placating the petty squabbles that continually came up, particularly the distrust towards Mankind.

Three centuries ago, his mate unexpectedly entered an early Twilight, and he withdrew from the world to care for her. Eventually, she passed, and he was unheard from for decades. He has been completely out of the public eye ever since, though Dulanth assures anyone who asks that correspondence is regular and Hudraer still has his seat on the Council of Wyrms. Given the massive run of territory for a silver dragon (who prefer high mountains), it is unsurprising that he has remained completely out of the public eye for so long.


Hudraer, Granter of Life

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