Dulanth, Lawgiver

Ancient Gold Dragon


Dulanth took up residence in Lake Rynithac over three centuries ago, and has been the official leader of the region of Drakevale ever since. He keeps the brisk trade up and down the river system in the northwest of the Grazelands going, making a tidy sum for his hoard from a high rate of taxation that most of the region is happy to live with.

He is also known to be a shrewd diplomat, and often grants audiences with nobles or merchants from other provinces to work through disputes. The wyrm is considered to be a just, fair ruler, though his punishments are swift and brutal. Because of this, the province is well-run and relatively crime free.

Little is known about the wyrm’s personal life. He spends a great deal of his time in the previous ruler’s palace, granting audiences to those who would hear it, while his actual dwelling seems to be underneath the lake.


Dulanth, Lawgiver

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