Ancient Green Dragon


Kuriksthyr was a political mastermind, and for centuries played the game as well as anyone. He and Norruth were a lobby for the rights of Dragons, that they should receive their due and be awarded the subservience of those lesser. He was never quite so loud about his views as Norruth, and in fact his extreme views on the subordination of Mankind only came out after he retired. To this day, the population of Ouschqum lend him their fealty second only to the Hegemon, and he is served by a number of scalekind retainers.

At some point, he removed himself from the world. Common agreement is that Tessith wounded his cause so heavily that he knew there was no returning from it, and so withdrew from the world to live out his last centuries in peace. Critics point out that Kuriksthyr was behind Norruth on every major point, from the imminent return of Mankind to the necessity of subjugating those that lived on this side of the Tower, and that support for this and many of his other viewpoints has never been lacking.

All reports currently indicate that Kuriskthyr enjoys a life of ease, reclining in the dank bogs of his home and being waited on hand and foot by loyal sahuagin and bullywug retainers. He has made no official visits to anyone in decades, and there is some whispering that he has entered or passed his Twilight and his house keeps appearances up so that they can enjoy their elevated status in society.



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